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I sit on the hard-packed earth, feeling the chill
of the frozen ground, my warmth seeping out
into the air. A slight pain when my lungs fill
Before smoke billows forward, a silent shout.

There’s a chill in my heart, an empty space.
You were there. You were sick. Now you are gone.
I won’t hear your voice. I won’t see your face.
It’s like sitting in the dark waiting for the dawn-

Knowing it won’t come. The blink of an eye,
That’s all we are. But we are so much more,
The love we give others, the reasons why.
You were my coach. My friend. My mentor.

I’ll keep the memories, the lessons, the fun.
You called me brother. I loved you like one.

You’re only 22

You’re only 22

It is easy to fall into despair

When you look at your life and can’t tell what

You’ve done that matters. Why anyone should care

If you disappear. When it sinks, your gut,

Realizing that the things you want most

Are always floating just out of your reach.

When it feels your work is nothing to boast

About, that you have nothing you can teach

And it feels like you don’t know anything.

But that just means that you must press onward

And build, grow. You’re young. Your heart might yet sing

With happiness, more beautiful than birdsong.

Life’s a journey you’ve just begun. It’s true.

Never give up on yourself, you’re only twenty two.

New Dawn

New Dawn

The sun sets as I begin my journey-
A single step and there’s no going back.
In five years time I’m not sure who I’ll be
Who I’ll miss, What I’ll have, what I’ll lack.

Will I make new friends or new enemies,
Will I lose those I already hold dear?
Will I wake, see the mirror and freeze,
Paralyzed by the reflecting leer?

Will I recognize the man staring back
Or will I lose myself on the way
Or will I find what I now lack
And every one of my demons slay?

Forward into uncertainty, move on.
That’s the only way to go, towards a new dawn.



The meteor streaking across the sky

Through the dwelling place of uncountable worlds

The rainbow sphere bubble that floats and flies

Tracing invisible currents as they whirl


The flower that is all too quick to wilt

But leaves its fragrance lingering in the air

The laughter of a child, musical lilt

Lost in the moment, joyful beyond compare.


Balance is best achieved in motion

But we can’t stop chasing after eternity

Never stopping to pierce the commotion

To find the truth that will make us free.


Sometimes in life the things most beautiful

Pass through most swiftly, that’s why they’re special.

Best moments

Best moments

Some of my best moments are in black night

With you, dreaming of our life together

Heart overflowing with joy, overflowing with light,

Certain that I will love you forever.


I think fondly of the countless moments shared

The feeling of transcendence in your presence,

As if about the rest I never cared

While our hearts beat in perfect resonance.


Life’s trivialities falling away

One man and one woman, time standing still.

Then I wake up and am steeped in dismay;

I’ve not yet met you. Could be I never will.


Until that day I will struggle and serve;

I will fight to become the man you deserve.



I’ve been wandering for years, without a guide,
With no direction, no guiding purpose:
Just passing through life, Never feeling tied
To anything of worth. Living with no fuss

Because I didn’t care about a thing.
But now I see the world through different eyes.
Eyes that have gazed upon you. Eyes that sting
When they look away from you. Now I will fight

For you. I will do all within my power
To see the blinding light that is your smile
To make sure that not one thing will sour
Your day. And if I should fail, all the while,

I’ll be holding your hand- standing with you.
There is nothing else on earth I’d rather do.

Hold Back

Hold Back

It’s the not knowing that really gets you-
Infinite possibilities to sort-
Always wondering which of them is true,
A ship trying to dock without a port.

Not knowing what they say when you leave the room
Not knowing what they think in their mind’s eye
When they smile at you but look away too soon,
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry

And not knowing what to say to tell them
Every feeling swelling in your core
Fighting to burst out: but that’s too sudden.
Hold it back. Don’t let them see that there is more.


I will not disappear.

Snow smothers the hillside, icy white coat:
The chill has buried itself in my bones-
Almost like an ache-with no antidote.
I lie in bed listening to the tones

Of the city outside of my window,
Not wanting to move, to get up, go on.
Weary of the constant stumbles, I know
Will never end. Not until I am gone.

But that- that is the most important part.
We learn from every misstep, mistake.
So I pull myself from bed with all my heart
And fight for better ev’ry day I wake.

I’ll fight with ev’ry last ounce of strength, it’s true-
I am human. It’s all I can do.

The Masks We Wear

The Masks We Wear

We carve our faces out of stone
So that our hearts will follow suit.
So afraid of feeling alone,
We run to the first to recruit.
The masks we wear to recognize
Our own obscure our true faces
They make us forget- cruel disguise,
Masks of country, gods, and races-
That beneath, we are all the same.
That each of us deserves the life,
breath in our chests, blood in our veins.
In the name of masks, we cause strife.
Please, remove your masks to reveal
That humanity lies beneath.
So we can stop the hurt and heal
And share the world that’s underneath.

(Image By Tristan Nitot ( [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons)

Slow To Sleep

Slow To Sleep

The chill is creeping slowly into the air:

Crisp as apples hanging heavy in trees.

One cannot help but to stop and to stare

while standing still in the autumnal breeze.

Stare at the mountains clad in old forests,

Blazing with fire before their season’s sleep,

As the sun falls slowly into the west.

Soon all will seem dead, but yet do not weep:

It is nothing more than a rest well earned.

Soon the nights will grow long and dwarf the day,

Life will settle down to sleep after it burned

all summer long. Remember as all turns grey

That we are mere months from spring and rain

That brings new life, new joy we cannot contain.

(Trying out this whole soundcloud thing)