Slow To Sleep

The chill is creeping slowly into the air: Crisp as apples hanging heavy in trees. One cannot help but to stop and to stare while standing still in the autumnal breeze. Stare at the mountains clad in old forests, Blazing with fire before their season’s sleep, As the sun falls slowly into the west. Soon […]

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Yes, I am the one who lead you away But you are truly the one who took me, That sunny afternoon I begged you stay Just another hour, a minute was my plee But time got in the way and we parted And the summer of my life became winter. And since that day thoughts […]

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Wasted Breath

The lilac that was our love exploded: New growth emanating from sudden death, Brightening my world, erasing my dread. Without thinking of you, I never drew breath, But the soil carried blight, no strong foundation, Nothing to nourish and sustain its life. Soon, melancholy came from elation And there was no happiness left: only strife. […]

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Thoughts on love.

I wrote most of this after the sandy hook shooting, but in light of the recent shootings across the country, I felt like maybe I should finally post it. Dear humanity, Please, teach your children not to hate. Teach them that it’s not ok to pretend to shoot other people with guns, because guns kill things. […]

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Lie still.

Feel the itch of long green grass on your skin- the chill of the soft breeze from the mountains. As the sun falls behind them, the light dims, The sky blazes above the world of men. Listen as the music washes over you- Soft, sustained, long notes with smooth edges. Caressing your body, it sinks […]

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