Month: February 2023

The Future

We have to remember
That the future lays before us
Stretching endlessly
Towards… what?
That we’ll never see
And that’s ok
Things begin
Things end
And we don’t know what’s in front of us
Or for how long
But that’s the beauty
The surprise
The joy
The heartache
The pain
The love
It’s a novel we live, not read,
Full of endless possibilities.

Sunrise over the alps and lake Neuchâtel.


They say our flaws are what make us human
We’ve more than our fair share.
Pieces broken, splintered
Things we’ve had to bear.

But there can be an odd beauty
In light reflected from broken glass
The sound as it falls to the ground
A torn blanket on green grass

And the pain we feel
It comes and goes
Is replaced by smiles and laughs
One day will return

But we’re still here
Broken pieces and all
Marching on
Till the end.