On Long Term Thinking

This is an incredible time to be alive. The past 100 years have brought unparalleled levels of change. The world has changed, in many ways for the better, in many ways for the worse. Infectious disease, the mighty foe that laid cities and armies to race over millennia has been brought low. The agricultural revolution […]

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A New Start

The feeling swelled beyond the speed of sound- Overtook me in the briefest of moments. Incredible lightness, my feet off the ground, This love I have for you is permanent. Visions of your smile fill my waking hours; The melody of your voice fills my dreams. I’ll use every ounce of my power To better […]

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Thoughts on Morality

The guiding tenets of my moral beliefs to a large extent can be distilled into two well known ideas. The first is the golden rule: treat others the way you wish to be treated. The next is, when considering an action, even if insignificant, ponder if the world would be better or worse if everyone […]

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