Brothers in Arms

We were together through it all Every misstep, every fall Good times, bad times, ups and downs They haven’t stopped, neither will I But you were supposed to be here, we had plans We were gonna turn the world upside down Come out on top, win it all, Go to war together, brothers in arms. […]

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When we’re still small We think the world is so big But our perception of it matches our size. We think we are bigger than we are That others watch our every move That our future hangs on every moment. I don’t know when I learned it I don’t know why I ever thought it […]

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Love. Unfinished.

Those days never stray from my mind. In the summer heat, the air was heavy As we’d walk through fields of tall grass, we’d find The places where we could truly be free. The sun filtering through the tress, Your words bringing a smile to my lips, A single look from you could make my […]

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The Canyon

Walking slowly, guided by stone walls that Rise beside me, thousands of feet in the air. Evidence of the power of patience, In millions of years, water can wear down stone. In the same way, we need to turn our will To pursue our goals. Flowing around barriers Until they are worn away with time. […]

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The Best Days of My Life

These days I feel I’m invincible Ready to take on the world alone I break rules, I escape gravity’s pull, Ready to disprove everything known. (They all say these are the best days of my life.) A few years later I have hit my stride I have a career, I am somebody. I have accomplishments, […]

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I will fight for you

I would fight for you with everything I’ve got With tooth and with nail, shed blood, sweat and tears With every ounce of muscle, get stabbed, get shot To protect you from every one of your fears I’d be your knight, your champion, your hero And protect you from every evil. In burning sun, drenching […]

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I sit on the hard-packed earth, feeling the chill of the frozen ground, my warmth seeping out into the air. A slight pain when my lungs fill Before smoke billows forward, a silent shout. There’s a chill in my heart, an empty space. You were there. You were sick. Now you are gone. I won’t […]

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You’re only 22

It is easy to fall into despair When you look at your life and can’t tell what You’ve done that matters. Why anyone should care If you disappear. When it sinks, your gut, Realizing that the things you want most Are always floating just out of your reach. When it feels your work is nothing […]

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New Dawn

The sun sets as I begin my journey- A single step and there’s no going back. In five years time I’m not sure who I’ll be Who I’ll miss, What I’ll have, what I’ll lack. Will I make new friends or new enemies, Will I lose those I already hold dear? Will I wake, see […]

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