I sit on the hard-packed earth, feeling the chill of the frozen ground, my warmth seeping out into the air. A slight pain when my lungs fill Before smoke billows forward, a silent shout. There’s a chill in my heart, an empty space. You were there. You were sick. Now you are gone. I won’t […]

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You’re only 22

It is easy to fall into despair When you look at your life and can’t tell what You’ve done that matters. Why anyone should care If you disappear. When it sinks, your gut, Realizing that the things you want most Are always floating just out of your reach. When it feels your work is nothing […]

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New Dawn

The sun sets as I begin my journey- A single step and there’s no going back. In five years time I’m not sure who I’ll be Who I’ll miss, What I’ll have, what I’ll lack. Will I make new friends or new enemies, Will I lose those I already hold dear? Will I wake, see […]

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The meteor streaking across the sky Through the dwelling place of uncountable worlds The rainbow sphere bubble that floats and flies Tracing invisible currents as they whirl   The flower that is all too quick to wilt But leaves its fragrance lingering in the air The laughter of a child, musical lilt Lost in the […]

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Best moments

Some of my best moments are in black night With you, dreaming of our life together Heart overflowing with joy, overflowing with light, Certain that I will love you forever.   I think fondly of the countless moments shared The feeling of transcendence in your presence, As if about the rest I never cared While […]

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I’ve been wandering for years, without a guide, With no direction, no guiding purpose: Just passing through life, Never feeling tied To anything of worth. Living with no fuss Because I didn’t care about a thing. But now I see the world through different eyes. Eyes that have gazed upon you. Eyes that sting When […]

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Hold Back

It’s the not knowing that really gets you- Infinite possibilities to sort- Always wondering which of them is true, A ship trying to dock without a port. Not knowing what they say when you leave the room Not knowing what they think in their mind’s eye When they smile at you but look away too […]

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