This land is old and worn smoothed by innumerable years Mountains that once reached for the heavens Are now brought down to earth.   A shroud of live covers the low hills Blanketing the earth in soft green Rivers broad and deep Many paths explored, now set.   Settling down to sleep, How long will […]

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This land is young and so are we Jagged mountains reaching for the moon Rushing rivers cutting new paths Carrying away soft stone.   Constantly shifting earth A state of constant flux The sun rises on a new world each day Still experiencing growing pains.   This land was made for giants. Will we expand […]

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Thoughts on the Election

After some reflection, I just want to put out one more thought *(well I guess it’s a lot of thoughts inspired by one thought)* on the election.   I believe that the vast majority of trump supporters are not evil/racist/bigoted. They are a complex mix of people with many motivations for their vote. They are […]

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The Divide

It’s not worth my time to always chase you To always be in pursuit of a person Who, no matter how hard you try, what you do, Will never have an inkling of what you’ve done, The small invisible things that make life easy Always take care Because you care deeply How you disguise the […]

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It feels like all our lives we’ve been searching Always trying to find something Like there was a part of us incomplete A deep wound we couldn’t treat, At least not on our own. That ache in our marrow, deep in the bone The wanderlust that we cannot shake No matter what title we achieve, […]

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Breaking Through

I’ve always craved closeness, always pulled away, Always held back things I couldn’t say Feeling like I observed the world around me Through a pane of bulletproof glass: I can see But never touch, never feel, Never really know if any of it is real or in my head. Always at arms length Using every […]

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In the early hours of the morning When the city is wrapped in deep slumber When there’s no danger, no need for warning And the minds of dreamers, giants lumber   Silence smothers the city, a deep embrace, Everything clear as finest crystal No need to hide away your truest face Finally free to tear […]

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