Keep moving.

Slow your mind but keep your eyes wide open: put away all thoughts of the world. Do not think about time, immerse yourself in it, bathe yourself in it. Focus on your breath, deep inside, as it bursts forth through your mouth, smoke rising. The regular tempo of your stride as you hurtle forward, propelled […]

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How are you?

What I really mean is: What’s good? What’s bad? What has your blood pumping, what has your blood boiling? What is thrilling you, what is killing you, what terrifies you and what has changed your life? What fills your heart with despair and what floods you with hope for the future? What moves you? What […]

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I will not disappear.

Snow smothers the hillside, icy white coat: The chill has buried itself in my bones- Almost like an ache-with no antidote. I lie in bed listening to the tones Of the city outside of my window, Not wanting to move, to get up, go on. Weary of the constant stumbles, I know Will never end. […]

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The Masks We Wear

We carve our faces out of stone So that our hearts will follow suit. So afraid of feeling alone, We run to the first to recruit. The masks we wear to recognize Our own obscure our true faces They make us forget- cruel disguise, Masks of country, gods, and races- That beneath, we are all […]

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The seconds tick by more rapidly now; Gone are the days when they creeped slowly by. Gone are the days when I marveled at how big the world was under an endless sky. I have loved and I have lost many friends. I have seen how quickly life can slip away When you only look […]

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