Tag: Winter

Keep moving.

Slow your mind but keep your eyes wide open: put away all thoughts of the world. Do not think about time, immerse yourself in it, bathe yourself in it. Focus on your breath, deep inside, as it bursts forth through your mouth, smoke rising. The regular tempo of your stride as you hurtle forward, propelled by sheer will. The chill that tries to grab you, stab you with every step, the fire of your muscles as they work ever harder. The beating of your heart as you move onward, relentlessly pursuing your goals. Take in the street lights as the city falls away behind you, glowing amber in the dark of night, reflecting off the river’s calm surface, no one outside but you. Feel the spring of your muscles, the contact of your feet as you hit the ground. Lose yourself on the road, and find your soul. Keep moving.



I will not disappear.

Snow smothers the hillside, icy white coat:
The chill has buried itself in my bones-
Almost like an ache-with no antidote.
I lie in bed listening to the tones

Of the city outside of my window,
Not wanting to move, to get up, go on.
Weary of the constant stumbles, I know
Will never end. Not until I am gone.

But that- that is the most important part.
We learn from every misstep, mistake.
So I pull myself from bed with all my heart
And fight for better ev’ry day I wake.

I’ll fight with ev’ry last ounce of strength, it’s true-
I am human. It’s all I can do.