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I was a young man once

I was a young man once Full of promise, strength, and will I had a whole life ahead of me And plans for what do with it. That’s all behind me now, I can see it Didn’t turn out quite the way I thought it would be But yeah, I’m lucky, I knew a lot … Continue reading I was a young man once

Brothers in Arms

We were together through it all Every misstep, every fall Good times, bad times, ups and downs They haven’t stopped, neither will I But you were supposed to be here, we had plans We were gonna turn the world upside down Come out on top, win it all, Go to war together, brothers in arms. … Continue reading Brothers in Arms


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About Me

Hi, I’m Austin. I am a scientist and engineer working to make the world a better place by making clean energy cheaper and more efficient. I love exercise, hiking, photography, and writing.

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