Month: April 2018

I will fight for you

I will fight for you

I would fight for you with everything I’ve got

With tooth and with nail, shed blood, sweat and tears

With every ounce of muscle, get stabbed, get shot

To protect you from every one of your fears

I’d be your knight, your champion, your hero

And protect you from every evil.

In burning sun, drenching rain, freezing snow

I would carry you up the tallest hill

But I will never fight to possess you

I want you to be with who you want most

I won’t change myself, anything I do

Won’t let my true self disappear like a ghost

I love you enough to let you be free

I’ll wait for someone who’ll love me for me.

Written winter 2015/16DSC07262.jpg


Life is Short

Life is short. I learned that from you.

Well, I guess I already knew

in my head

but you made it real. Visceral.

You were 100% here and then you were gone.

A light that shone too bright to last long.


I feel it in my bones now

When I think about you

And your words.

When you’d call me brother.


You’re not living anymore

But I want to live like you.



Not hiding anything

ready to help anyone.

I want to help people

I want to change their lives

I want to change

the world.

And I’ll start one step at a time.


Thank you for being here.

For what you taught me.

Work hard. Enjoy it all. Be here while you can.


Life is short.