Month: December 2015



I’ve been wandering for years, without a guide,
With no direction, no guiding purpose:
Just passing through life, Never feeling tied
To anything of worth. Living with no fuss

Because I didn’t care about a thing.
But now I see the world through different eyes.
Eyes that have gazed upon you. Eyes that sting
When they look away from you. Now I will fight

For you. I will do all within my power
To see the blinding light that is your smile
To make sure that not one thing will sour
Your day. And if I should fail, all the while,

I’ll be holding your hand- standing with you.
There is nothing else on earth I’d rather do.

Hold Back

Hold Back

It’s the not knowing that really gets you-
Infinite possibilities to sort-
Always wondering which of them is true,
A ship trying to dock without a port.

Not knowing what they say when you leave the room
Not knowing what they think in their mind’s eye
When they smile at you but look away too soon,
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry

And not knowing what to say to tell them
Every feeling swelling in your core
Fighting to burst out: but that’s too sudden.
Hold it back. Don’t let them see that there is more.