Tag: Uncertainty

New Dawn

New Dawn

The sun sets as I begin my journey-
A single step and there’s no going back.
In five years time I’m not sure who I’ll be
Who I’ll miss, What I’ll have, what I’ll lack.

Will I make new friends or new enemies,
Will I lose those I already hold dear?
Will I wake, see the mirror and freeze,
Paralyzed by the reflecting leer?

Will I recognize the man staring back
Or will I lose myself on the way
Or will I find what I now lack
And every one of my demons slay?

Forward into uncertainty, move on.
That’s the only way to go, towards a new dawn.

Hold Back

Hold Back

It’s the not knowing that really gets you-
Infinite possibilities to sort-
Always wondering which of them is true,
A ship trying to dock without a port.

Not knowing what they say when you leave the room
Not knowing what they think in their mind’s eye
When they smile at you but look away too soon,
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry

And not knowing what to say to tell them
Every feeling swelling in your core
Fighting to burst out: but that’s too sudden.
Hold it back. Don’t let them see that there is more.