Thoughts on Hate

They say that anger is what pain and fear look like when they show themselves in public. An animal threatened, lashing out to intimidate and diffuse the threat. A preemptive strike. Protecting self, covering insecurities that whisper “they will win, we will lose.” Coming from a mindset of scarcity. This country belongs to me and […]

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  Give friendship, give trust freely and without cause- Make fast friends, slow enemies. If others hurt you, take advantage of you, persevere: Succeed even when they stack all odds against you. Forgive others who harm you, but remember to protect yourself in the future. Keep your expectations low and be prepared to do it […]

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I believe in passion and determination above talent. I believe in effort above absolute success. I believe in health above aesthetics, above weight. I believe in meaning above happiness, above comfort. I believe in experience above material goods. I believe in collaboration above adversarial competition. I believe in the value an action provides others above […]

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Thoughts on Morality

The guiding tenets of my moral beliefs to a large extent can be distilled into two well known ideas. The first is the golden rule: treat others the way you wish to be treated. The next is, when considering an action, even if insignificant, ponder if the world would be better or worse if everyone […]

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