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The Canyon

The Canyon

Walking slowly, guided by stone walls that
Rise beside me, thousands of feet in the air.
Evidence of the power of patience,
In millions of years, water can wear down stone.

In the same way, we need to turn our will
To pursue our goals. Flowing around barriers
Until they are worn away with time.
We have time. Be patient and do not waver.

But before you fix your path, choose wisely
Which direction you pursue. How does it help?
What does it achieve? So that at the end
When we look back on the canyon we wore

In the stone of the world, we find it beautiful.
We can never put the stone back in place.



You’re only 22

You’re only 22

It is easy to fall into despair

When you look at your life and can’t tell what

You’ve done that matters. Why anyone should care

If you disappear. When it sinks, your gut,

Realizing that the things you want most

Are always floating just out of your reach.

When it feels your work is nothing to boast

About, that you have nothing you can teach

And it feels like you don’t know anything.

But that just means that you must press onward

And build, grow. You’re young. Your heart might yet sing

With happiness, more beautiful than birdsong.

Life’s a journey you’ve just begun. It’s true.

Never give up on yourself, you’re only twenty two.