How much better would the world be if we realized that we are owed nothing in this world? If we realized that we aren’t entitled to an A+, a great job, an iphone, or the love of a woman simply because we exist. If we realized those were things that we had to work towards, and that if we don’t get them right away we should quit complaining and keep trying, maybe in a different place or from a different angle? If we realized that we may have things others don’t because we’ve been born with a privilege- because those who came before us worked hard and created wonderful things or, conversely, stole from others who now do not have the same privilege? If we realized that sometimes we receive these things before we should and that is because there are some people that are incredibly generous and kind, who care about us even though they may not have ever met us? That one day, we might be incredibly lucky enough to become one of those people and help lift others up. How much better would the world be if we realized that when we take advantage of others to lift ourselves up, the world sinks beneath our weight but if we work together to make the world a better place, everyone is lifted beyond our imagination? I hope we all live to see the answer.

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