Moving forward (not moving on)

Moving forward (not moving on)

It still doesn’t quite feel right
Like the world put on a coat two sizes too tight
Like it’s all squeezed, uncomfortable
Close to right, but all wrong

I keep looking at my phone
I keep expecting to hear it ring
Hear your voice saying hey bro, what’s going on?
Do you have time to talk?

The places we were together are a little emptier now.
A little colder. A little quieter.
It’s still weird that you’re not here
We were together our whole lives
You used to never leave me alone

It was supposed to be me and you against the world.
Brothers to the end
We were supposed to go through the tough times together
And the good times too

We had a lot of those.
I guess I’ll have some more to come
And I guess you’ll be there too.
Every Step.
I couldn’t leave you behind if I tried to
So many of the best parts of me are really pieces of you.


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